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Posted on September 16, 2015  in Games


Life nowadays proves to be too complicated to be enjoyed for some.  School work doesn’t get any easier.

Relationships tend to be difficult due to daily drama.  To eat like a king, most of the time you need to earn like a royalty.

Unfortunately, promotion is bleak due to a saturated competition.  With all the stresses in life, sometimes you just want to sit back and relax.  You’d like to travel somewhere, yet it’s too expensive.  And so you decide to simply stay at home and play games on your computer, but then the ironic thing is some of them are too complex!  It’s getting hard to take things easy right?

Luckily, one game aims to be simple when everything else isn’t, and that’s N++.  N++ is a 2D platform game, similar to the famous Super Mario, released in July 2015 for PS4 and recently introduced to Steam, specifically for Microsoft Windows, last August of this year.

In this game, the player controls a ninja-like character, navigating through thousands of mind-boggling levels while avoiding obstacles that may kill him.  It’s a simple run-and-dash platformer where you just have to collect coins, stay alive and move on to the next puzzle.  The goal is pretty straightforward, and that’s what makes it so relaxing.  But what makes this game stand out?

  • No grinding.  Unlike most games out in the market, you play the game as it is.  You don’t have to spend several hours making the character stronger or faster because it is the way it is.  Your character already has all the skills needed in the game, which is simply running and jumping.  Period.
  • You won’t get lost.  In an era where everything is made more aesthetic and life-like by computer-generated imagery (CGI), N++ differs and aims to be “ugly” and upfront with the environment.  The common scenario we see with new age gaming are scenic, picturesque settings that take your breath away, then you forget where you should be going next, or the area is too complicated.  You won’t be needing a map to make your way through the N++ puzzle because the area IS the map, and that to me is pretty in every way.
  • No game over.  The trouble gamers see sometimes is the inability to save their game before a big boss fight, or made an accidental boo-boo in the game.  For N++, you simply restart the level and try again if you make a slipup, and you have unlimited chances to do so.  There is no number of lives to worry about, so you can just go your merry way and solve the puzzle at your own pace.
  • You can drop the game and play it again on a later time without forgetting how to do anything.  With the very simple controls and simple goal, you won’t run into the hassle of trying to remember how you play the game.  This is a common problem for gamers who pick up a new game in the middle of a current one, and when they go back to the former they lose interest because they forgot the gameplay. Playing should be simple and stress-free, and that’s what N++ is about.
  • You can make your own world.  You heard it right.  You can make your own levels and share it online for other players to try and beat.  Whether you make a new level to challenge yourself or others is entirely up to you.  If you are creative and just want to send a cute message through the level you are making, be my guest!  The only limit is your imagination.
  • There is a leaderboard.  The good thing I see about the leaderboard for N++ is it’s not really about competing, but just taking your time to get to a level where most of the players are.  You can either push yourself to get there or simply see how others are doing.

So, should you get this game?  I personally would suggest that you do.  When life tends to be complicated, you need to find something simple yet entertaining, and I see N++ as a pleasant breath of fresh air.  When you get frustrated with a boss fight you just can’t beat, it’s time to blow off some steam and play this game.  I can imagine you feeling calm after a few tries.  It is very plain yet exhilarating at the same time.

Perhaps the only problem I see is it can trigger epileptic seizures for those who have related history due to the sudden changes in color and light schemes, but other than that, it should be what it is.  Simply fun!

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