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F1 2016

Posted on February 4, 2016  in Games

F1 2016F1 2016

This is widely considered one of the best, if not THE BEST racing games so far released in 2016. F1 2016 totally rocks.

Every year, Codemasters tries to work around compromises between immersion and development. This year, the game developers of what is said to be the best Formula One game in years. The evolution of the game throughout the years are very minimal, but as soon as 2016 came, adjustments were made particularly on its real-world Formula one cars’ details. The game expertly captured the adrenaline of racing and the pleasure of executing a successful strategy.

Both thrilling and tense, Formula One 2016 captured not only our sights but our gamer hearts with its improved physics model that defines the relationship between your car and the track. Cold tires are now having lesser grip at the start of the race, and tiring wheels force you to be more mindful while accelerating around the corners.

For every Formula One player, we all know that grips is an old thing to the series, but Formula One 2016 made us feel more like we are realistically driving a Formula One Vehicle, with every worn tires across miles of straight and breaking zones.

The New Formation Lap, Codemaster’s newest addition, is certainly you would all love. Zigzagging across the tracks, warming up the tires and brakes for the race, is really an awesome way to add in the realistically race day atmosphere.

As you pull up to the line and wait for the rest of the grid to form behind you, your heart is pounding dramatically. For that moment, you’ll feel like this one of a lifetime opportunity. It’s a picture perfect scene with no rewinds and second chances. It’s a work of art. Too bad there’s a fade – to – black between the end of your warm-up lap and the start of the race, but it wouldn’t lessen the fun by that much.

One of the best thing in the game is the AI. The drivers can be extremely intelligent and for sure you’ll have a plenty of disappointments and a multiple side-by-side actions for a dozen of hours during your playing time.

Sometimes, they are quite stubborn. On certain tracks and weather conditions, one of which is the Melbourne when it’s rainy, they’re absolutely boring to drive against, as if they are slowing down to a crawl if they find themselves half an inch off their pre-programmed racing line. But all in all, they are really good. Especially the AI’s in Barcelona, which is to look out for as well in Hungary and Russia.

The newest highlights in terms of the tracks is the brand-new street circuit through the Azerbaijani capital of Baku, an extremely ruthless, high speed monster equipped with blind 90 degree corners and an unexpected narrow uphill chicane that will keep even the toughest Formula One players up at night.

Even the firm circuits that have been in the series from the start have brought on a new spin thanks to the newest mode to fine-tune the time-of the day-settings added by the Codemasters. Have you ever imagined what would Singapore Formula One racing event would look life if it was held as a day race? The Formula One 2016 will surely bring it to life for you.

Yet, there are still some mishaps particularly to the  blandness to the overall color palette when it comes to the extreme details of the environment but the velocity at which everything whips by means will usually struggle to absorb much of the surroundings anyway. Elsewhere, the overall game presentation remains as good as always, though there are few cheeky shortcuts.

Formula One series never lose the touch of being competent, planted and responsive as ever. This games are for hardcore gamers out there who just want to go all out the tracks and an incredibly demanding one for those gamers who with the minerals to tackle Monaco in a rainy setting without any, of course, electronic helpers. If you’re not into wet weather handling, this game isn’t for you since the weather is more evil here that its predecessors. On top of that, there’s no split-screen display, but a 22-multiplayer is featured for the first time in Formula One games who wants to compete in an online racing game.

Anyone who hasn’t picked up a Formula One games for years should certainly bought the Formula One 2016. This game is definitely the best Formula One game Codemasters has ever created. As demanding as you want it to be, this stuff is packed with a deep and nuanced fan service and surely worth the upgrade for the previous years’ insufficiency. Despite the few rough edges, this game is absolutely terrific.

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