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Deus Ex: Mankind Divided

Posted on August 25, 2016  in Games

Deus Ex Mankind DividedDeus Ex: Mankind Divided

Eidos Montreal and Square Enix partner up once again to create another chapter in one of the most epic game franchises in existence today. If you enjoyed Human Revolution, the next logical thing is to try out Deus Ex: Mankind Divided.  Released on August 23, 2016, the game employs the same story-rich Sci-Fi, action world that has made its predecessors popular among the gaming community.

Deus Ex Mankind Divided Additional ScreenshotThis time around, the setting is the year 2029 and augmented humans have been banished from society. They live like outcasts, totally secluded from the rest of the world.

You play as Adam Jensen, an ace covert operative who is also an augmented humanoid. Now he must work amidst people who hate his people. He uncovers what seems to be a global conspiracy, and now he must choose who to trust and choose the battles worth fighting. Fortunately, you have an arsenal of top-tier weapons and upgrades on your side.

So what can you expect from this latest addition to the franchise? For one, it has great graphics, as expected from any Deus Ex game. Like its predecessors, the game is story-driven, and there are many pinnacle moments in the game where you can choose which path you wish.

You can use force and plow through your enemies, shooting everything on sight. You can also be a sneaky spy and employ stealth to complete your objectives. There’s no definite way to do your missions. You can kill everything on sight, or sneak past everyone, leaving them alive. It is up to you.

There is much ado about the story of the series. The game has released a lot of complaints since its launch because of the story line. Granted, it is fairly difficult to think of story lines since they created so many Deus Ex games and hey, they might be running out of plots for the franchise. Seriously though, the story is solid, but nothing new.

It contains your usual underdog hero who hails from a discriminated sector of society story line, splashed with cyberpunk elements. The game contains some side quests, but they’re separate stories that don’t really add anything to the main story line or feel just as meh. Some side quests and mini-games even take away from the experience and ruin the immersion.

The game attempts to add a crafting system, maybe because they feel like crafting features worked so wonderfully with other games. While this may be true, but the crafting system in the game feels unfinished. You only need it around one or two times and the rest of the time it’s forgotten. You can choose to devote more of your time to learning the crafting system, but the materials you need to gather are so difficult that it would mean hours of grinding.

The game is also easier compared to older Deus Ex games. Even on the highest difficulty, the battles are not too difficult and you won’t even need a lot of healing items to get you through the game. This might have been done to minimize the grind and tediousness of the game, but with easy battles, it makes players focus more on the lacking story line.

To make the game easier, you can purchase items in the in-game store which can help you “cheat” certain areas in the game, such as the hacking mini-game.

Speaking of purchasing items, this is what most players are mad about: in-game micro-transactions. While micro-transactions are not a rare concept in games, it is odd to find one in a single player game that is already expensive to begin with.

Paying to go through a part of the game where one would get stuck, like the hacking mini-game, seems like a bad move to most people. Also, the game is not complete. The developers released it in chapters and the other chapters will come as DLCs, which you have to pay for as well.

Deus Ex Mankind Divided Screenshot 2This is where the problem starts. The current game is just one chapter of a complete story, and to most players it seems like the price is not justified.

Most reviewers of the game said that the game felt like it ended too soon, and together with the lackluster story line it made may players say, “Wait, is that all?” This is a sad truth that is present not only with Deus Ex, but with other franchises.

Once a franchise becomes famous, publishers look for ways to earn more money from it to take advantage of its popularity. Players loyal to the franchise worry that greed will kill the franchise soon enough.

Overall, Deus Ex is not a bad game; actually, it is a good game.

Remember though, being part of a successful franchise, much is expected from it, and apparently, it did poorly in some aspects. It’s still a good game if you compare it to other games outside the franchise, and honestly, I’m a sucker for nostalgia.

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